ZFS on SG-3100 (internal M.2 SSD)

  • Hello,

    I bought my SG-3100 when Netgate did not offer an SSD option, but I was able to add a M.2 2280 32GB SSD and re-install pfSense 2.4.2_p1 to it.

    However, I never got an option to choose the filesystem, like the amd64 installer offers. Once I enter

    run recovery

    the only option I can recall is whether to install to mmcsd0 (the inbuilt eMMC) or the ada0 drive I added.

    Is it possible and advisable to install pfSense using ZFS? How do I go about doing it?

    Many Thanks!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    run recovery is the only supported installation method. ZFS is not currently supported.

  • Any new information on this? I have a couple of 3100's out in areas that lose power pretty often. 2 of them got filesystem corruption last week and had to be brought in for wipe/reload, which was not fun. I feel that ZFS could have protected us from this.

    It's working well on the assortment of 2440s/4860s that I've set up.

    If run recovery isn't set up to automate this yet, Is there even a manual way to do it somehow?

  • One page I found: https://wiki.freebsd.org/ARMTier1 seems to indicate we are a long way off. There isn't even an "owner" yet for ZFS on ARM.


  • Banned

    ZFS reduces the risk of filesystem corruption, it does not protect against it. If you want protection use an UPS.

  • On paper that makes sense. In the real world, it doesn't. People still unplug equipment. They see an outlet and yank out whatever's in it so they can charge their iPhone. 😕 They don't care if that plug is attached to a huge important-looking box with LEDs and a big battery icon—they gotta check their Instagram!

    So, it's still best to have a layered approach. Since installing ZFS on our firewalls that support it, I've not had a single issue with filesystem corruption. With UFS it was happening everty couple of months at some locations.

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