SG-2440 random shutdown

  • Hello,

    Over the last 2-3 months my SG-2440 has been shutting down randomly with increasing frequency to where it now happens approx once a week. Here are the symptoms:

    -no lights on the SG2440 whatsoever
    -power cables still plugged in
    -no power loss
    -no other equipment on the UPS having any issues (have moved to another port on the UPS already)
    -need to remove power cable and re-insert to reboot the unit

    • **the time on the unit is > months old at startup, syncs after the device boots each time **
      -i have also replaced the power brick with another unit and still see the same symptoms

    What else can I check? Any ideas to proceed?


  • Galactic Empire

    Please contact our support and reference this thread.

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