[FIXED] Traffic Shaping Issues

  • Hi All,

    I've setup traffic shaping but, I'm really not sure I've done it correctly.

    See my Rules.png attachment for the rules floating. There set to the interface(LAN & WAN) in each rule.
    But when I look at the queue status, only the lan queue qOthersHigh is getting use and I know for sure that TeamSpeak will have inbound traffic too.

    Have I get this setup correctly?

    Also when using a Static NAT, the state looks the wrong way round? Should the top state, Dest and Source be the other way round? (See screenshot states.PNG)

    I have the same queues on LAN as I do on WAN.

    Should I scrap the queues and rules and rerun the wizard? I configured it way back in 2.3.2 or something like that and went to check it today, and thought "that doesn't look right".

    Hope you guys can help


  • Gotten even weirder now.

    See screenshot. How's it gone over 1.4GBit?

    EDIT: Problem fixed with https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/commit/6b54c8a4d39bbc32ea5c542c0ed9d2bcabbd1077

    Just the getting traffic in the right queues left.

  • Problem has been solved. Issue was with the catch rule at the bottom.
    Removed it, set the default queue in the shaper and boom working correctly.

  • For floating rules, catch all should be at the top. For normal rules, catch all should be at the bottom.

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