SG-3100: SSD S.M.A.R.T. status not displayed in widget

  • …and the drive tools in Diagnostics don't work either. Of course, smartctl does not work in the command line either.

    Is there another command to try or is SMART status in the SG-3100?

    (the ssd I manually installed does support smart and it is enabled as shown in camcontrol)

    camcontrol identify ada0
    pass0: <ts32gmts800 p1225ce="">ACS-2 ATA SATA 3.x device
    pass0: 600.000MB/s transfers (SATA 3.x, UDMA6, PIO 1024bytes)
    protocol              ATA/ATAPI-9 SATA 3.x
    device model          TS32GMTS800
    firmware revision     P1225CE
    serial number         E0XXXXXXXX
    cylinders             16383
    heads                 16
    sectors/track         63
    sector size           logical 512, physical 512, offset 0
    LBA supported         62533296 sectors
    LBA48 supported       62533296 sectors
    PIO supported         PIO4
    DMA supported         WDMA2 UDMA6 
    media RPM             non-rotating
    Feature                      Support  Enabled   Value           Vendor
    read ahead                     yes	yes
    write cache                    yes	yes
    flush cache                    yes	yes
    overlap                        no
    Tagged Command Queuing (TCQ)   no	no
    Native Command Queuing (NCQ)   yes		32 tags
    NCQ Queue Management           no
    NCQ Streaming                  no
    Receive & Send FPDMA Queued    no
    SMART                          yes	yes
    microcode download             yes	yes
    security                       yes	no
    power management               yes	yes
    advanced power management      no	no
    automatic acoustic management  yes	no	0/0x00	0/0x00
    media status notification      no	no
    power-up in Standby            no	no
    write-read-verify              no	no
    unload                         no	no
    general purpose logging        yes	yes
    free-fall                      no	no
    Data Set Management (DSM/TRIM) yes
    DSM - max 512byte blocks       yes              8
    DSM - deterministic read       yes              zeroed
    Host Protected Area (HPA)      yes      no      62533296/62533296
    HPA - Security                 no</ts32gmts800> 

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So is your drive even listed when you go to

    Diagnostics > SMART Status

    In the drop down?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    smartmontools was disabled for ARM back in our early development for ARM (~Aug 2016). It may not have built at the time, or it may have been omitted because our first target platform was SG-1000 and it didn't have a disk it could be used with.

    Either way, it builds now and makes sense for SG-3100 and other newer platforms that can have SSDs so we'll enable it again now, should be in builds soonish.

  • Thanks @jimp.

    (FYI, the drive is listed in Diagnostics->SMART Status, but none of the options produce any output.)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I don't have an SSD in my 3100 but the smartctl binary is there now, so it should be OK on 2.4.3.

    If you are comfortable running a snapshot, you can upgrade to a 2.4.3 snapshot now and test. If not, 2.4.3 should be out in a couple weeks.

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