Silicon Labs CP2104 USB-to-UART bridge fails on Win10

  • Hello All!

    I have 3 SG-4860's and am very happy with them.  Saying that, I goobered an upgrade and now cannot access via console port.  I cannot reset using the reset button (fails to work)

    When I purchased them, I received a Silicon Labs CP210x USB-to-UART bridge cable.  Now that I have Win 10, I cannot find any driver to make it work.  After a boatload of looking,,,, I finally found the drivers:

    The download will be :

    This started as a plea for help, but since I found the answer I thought someone else could benefit from the info


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  • Ivor,

    Yes I followed the instructions.  The problem was the usb cord was not recognized by windows 10 and I could not find a driver.

    I finally found the location, downloaded and installed.  Then I could connect via maintenance port fine.  The issue was windows 10 did not recognize the usb - mini-b patch cable.

    I was very worried I would not be able to recover the unit as the reset button did not work and I could not connect via cat5 due to a failed upgrade.

    Thank you for the recommendation and link, even though I had used it previously, it was very thoughtful of you.

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    Sorry, I had to start from "did you read the documentation" :)

    I'm glad you got it working!

  • ivor,

    No offense taken by your asking if I actually tried to read something besides a cereal box.  I get calls frequently reporting something does not work, or "I can't figure this out"….......
    Each time I start with some standard inquiries.  Folks get hot when asked if their printer is on when they complain it does not work.... and,,, oh my,,,,, who turned it off?  I didn't do that..........

    Thanks again for your assistance!

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