Can not Get WebGUI

  • What am I not seeing? I installed PfSense 1.2.2 Vlans and 4 of my Lan,Wan,opt1,opt2 went fine. I can not get the GUI for the life of me. I get stuck on an option screen (tried all options) 1-98…
    0) Logout (SSH only)

    1. Assign Interfaces
    2. Set LAN IP Address
    3. Reset webConfigurator password
    4. .......etc, etc...

    I have read all the tutorials and none tell you howto get into the GUI, but show me howto use it once im in it......

    I know this is a noob question, but I really need some help here, I have been using Linux for years but this really has me stumped.  ???

  • Connect a computer to the LAN-Interface, get an IP per DHCP and type as address: http://IP_you_set_with_option_2

    If you're using VLANs make sure you have a VLAN capable switch and configured it correctly.
    If you dont know what i'm talking about, delete all VLANs and set it up simpler. (assign only physical interfaces).

  • Thank you for the quick post. I was under the impression the GUI was a default option. Thanks again for your help.

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