How do I close a ticket on redmine?

  • What's the process I should follow to close a ticket that I filed on redmine?

    I filed a feature request to track a feature I was going to push pfSense. I left it unassigned when I submitted it since I wasn't sure what to target for the release and other fields that should have been filled in.

    Later I submitted a pull request and that was merged into master. It's now present in the 2.4.3 RC and I've verified that it works.

    How can I close the original ticket? I'm not permitted to make edits. Also, what's the preferred workflow you'd like us to follow? I didn't see anything in the Wiki back in November when I looked.


  • only netgate staff can close/edit tickets.
    ask the one who merged the PR to close the redmine.

    steve probably didn't notice the PR-title matched a redmine ticket. (might be best to include the direct link in the comment in the future)
    so either you update the redmine ticket & ask for it to be closed by steve (the one who merged it).
    you mention @sbeaver-netgate in a new comment on PR #3875 on github

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I added a note and closed out the ticket for you.

    We now require a cross-reference between Redmine issues and PRs for submissions, so we can catch things like this, but this was merged just before we started doing that.

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