Multiple WAN to multiple LAN

  • Hello,

    I have 4 ISP's with BGP, each ISP have 1Gbps guaranteed(contract). Now i know that the server that is installed PFSense have 1Gbps ports, how i can use the full speed from all ISP's ?
    I have added to the PFSense server another network card with 4 x 1Gbps ports. And i have link that ports with my switch(Cat 7 cables), but how i can direct traffic to all that ports ? not only the LAN port to use the full speed of ISPs, not only 1Gbps. Also to be able to use failover and load balance if it's possible.

    PS: Sorry for my english

  • that guide it's not answering my question…

  • I want to create something like this:

    We have 4 BGPs.
    We have ISP interfaces :

    ISP 1 (1Gbps) - WAN1
    ISP 2 (1Gbps) - WAN2
    ISP 3 (1Gbps) - WAN3
    ISP 4 (1Gbps) - WAN4

    and lan interfaces that are going from PFSense to switch:

    PFSense LAN1 -> Switch Port 1
    PFSense LAN2 -> Switch Port 2
    PFSense LAN3 -> Switch Port 3
    PFSense LAN4 -> Switch Port 4

    We have a public class x.x.x.x/24 that it's setup on LAN1

    How can i make this configuration ? :
    WAN1 -> LAN1 , LAN2 , LAN3, LAN4
    WAN2 -> LAN1 , LAN2 , LAN3, LAN4
    WAN3 -> LAN1 , LAN2 , LAN3, LAN4
    WAN4 -> LAN1 , LAN2 , LAN3, LAN4

    Because if im using only:
    WAN1 -> LAN1
    WAN2 -> LAN1
    WAN3 -> LAN1
    WAN4 -> LAN1

    Then we have only 1Gbps not 4Gbps that i have from providers because of port limit 1Gbps port.
    And i wanna have load balance and failover. :o

  • why doesnt that document anwer your question?
    what doesn't it answer?

    try explaining your problem better. someone will try to answer if it is crystal clear what you intend to do

  • why dont you use LAGG on lan interfaces?

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