• Hello dears,

    I thank you for guiding me a bit about a problem I have, the subject is the following:

    I made a vpn of 3 sites to a remote office using openvpn as a tool, the network segments are like this: - PF Sense Central - PF Sense site 1 - PF Sense site 2 - PF Sense site 3

    Each site towards the central PF Sense has communication and from the central to any site as well, my doubt is there is some configuration that allows me to make a jump between the segments?

    For example, ping to and respond

    The vpn is by peer to peer (shared key)

  • sure its all possible, you only needs some routes

    but you are using public address space for you lans - it'll cause trouble & is bad practise

  • Hi Heper,

    Not really, I'm using other segments, just to illustrate the idea, how can I make that configuration? Can you help me with a tutorial?

    Thanks for your answer! :)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you are using private RFC1918 space, obfuscating the actual addresses does nothing but confuse matters and make it harder to help you.

  • I understand Derelict, I'm sorry, I use the segments, I just wish I knew how to route the traffics mentioned above, how could I do it through the vpn master? :(

    Thanks a lot!

  • Maybe if you posted your issue in the actual support forum for OpenVPN, you might get better answers.  This isn't a support forum.

  • Thanks KOM, I'm going to post the topic in that forum.