ProxyARP without PPPoE?

  • Hi folks,

    Since pfSense doesn't support MLPPP (Bonded DSL), I am thinking about using tomato with MLPPP to bond my 2 ADSL lines together (Pending my ISP's approval of course). My ISP currently give me 16 static IP addresses and currently my pfsense box is using pppoe and ProxyARP to use them.

    I would still like to use pfsense as my firewall though so I was wondering, if I set up tomato routing to allow me to assign public IP addresses on ITS (tomato's) LAN side, would pfsense's proxyARP feature work with this (of course, the pfsense box won't be doing PPPoE anymore)?


    (== is 2 DSL lines comming into building)

    Telco Exchange========Tomato/MLPPP–------pfsense with multiple public IP's assigned to WAN interface using ProxyARP------LAN computers.


  • If Tomato can bridge the connection over to your pfSense box, that'll work. If it forces you to NAT or route, it won't.

  • Hi cmb,

    Thanks for your answer.

    What the difference between "bridge" and "route" in the context that you use?
    I will def not be natting over but I was thinking of..well I don't know what the name of it is but I will be allowing public IP's on the LAN side of tomato (Using the subnet which my ISP has given me).

    pfSense will not be doing any PPPoE/PPTP connections


  • Layer 2 (bridge) vs. layer 3 (route or NAT). ARP is L2, if your router forces L3 your proxy ARP from its inside won't work.

  • I could never get proxy ARP to actually work  ???

    Although when I added my IP's as CARP they worked then (infact that's how i actually have them at the moment)

  • It's just ARP either way. I'm not familiar with Tomato so I don't know if it's capable of bridging the PPPoE over to the inside interface or not, might be a better question for their forum/mailing list.

  • the pppoe won't be bridged over to the pfsense box. The reason why the tomato box has to do pppoe is because it will be doing MLPPP (Bonded ADSL).

    I guess my suitation is that (In VERY general terms), can a LAN machine have one MAC address but multiple IP's on the same interface using proxyARP?

  • here is a picture of what I'm trying to do: