New install VERY slow speeds

  • I am new to Pf, so if this is in the wrong area or if my questions are noobie excuse me. But I have a 200/200 connection from the isp, regular router works just fine. I have PF installed on a machine now and I only get 150 down, and 10up! I have been at it for hours, reinstalled and factory reset a number of times. The download I could live with, but 10 up? Thats terrible. Hardware should not be the bottleneck, the machine has an i5 and 4 gigs of ram. The wan comes in the built in nic, and lan comes out a usb nic.The machine in question is an ibm thinkcentre M91p

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    USB NIC should do better than that but, in general, they suck.

    I would start by looking for an ethernet duplex mismatch or something.

    Get real NICs.

  • Thank you for the reply. I considered that to be the issue as well, I was just unsure do to the download almost being full speed. Also, it is a mini case, so only room for one more nic. I had considered the built in one as being the issue as well. I'll replace one of the usb ones in the morning and see if anything changes. Everything says full-duplex so that would eliminate that cause right?

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    Yeah if both sides say full-duplex that should not be an issue.

    What happens is the full-duplex side transmits and the half-duplex side logs an error because it can't receive while transmitting. You end up with very low throughput in one direction - from the full- to the half-duplex port. The other way generally works fine because the full-duplex side can always receive without issue. It's possible to drop ACKs but in general it appears to be a one-way problem.

    This is generally only an issue when one side is hard-set and the other side is set to autonegotiate.

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