Routing LAN Interfaces via IPsec Tunnel

  • Hello,

    I have a Problem with my routing first I will show you my Setup:

    Network 1:

    Interface A1: LAN

    Interface A2: WAN AAA.AAA.AAA.AAA

    Network 2:

    Interface B1: LAN

    Interface B2: LAN

    Interface B3: WAN BBB.BBB.BBB.BBB

    Network 1 and Network 2 are connected via IPsec.
    I can ping from A1 to B1.

    I can ping from B1 to B2.

    I can't ping from A1 to B2

    Is it because of the IPsec tunnel?
    Do I need Static Routing or a Rule?
    I cant even Ping the Interface IP of B2 ( from A1

    BR, Stefan

  • The routing over the IPSec tunnel is done by IPSec. So maybe your IPSec configuration is wrong.
    Post the config, please.

  • both sides pfsense?

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