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  • Ok I have seen some post about this but looking for a clear told how to do it.

    I have PPPoE ISP so my Wan uses one of the static Ip's .113

    Then we have 3 servers programmed for .114-.115-.116 There pluged into opt1-opt3
    and they are programmed to use static as listed above using cloudlinux. but they wont connect/pull data nor can I see them when I put in there IP address. I currently have all rule set for all ports open Just to see about getting connective to the server. currently cant even connect via ssh.

    I have Nat 1:1 set of the external ip to .114 internal ip host address Destination IP Host net
    and coming up empty. Not sure what Im doing wrong. Thanks

  • Netgate Administrator

    If your ISP can only provide those IPs to you directly on the WAN, rather then routing them to you via a different public IP, then your options are limited.

    You can setup IPAliases for those publlic IPs on the WAN connection and then 1:1 NAT them to private IPs internally. That means the servers using them cannot have a public IP directly which may or may not be an issue.

    With a non-PPPoE connection you could bridge the WAN and the internal interface in order to use the public IPs directly on the servers.


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