two static routes for one subnet

  • i cant create 2 routes for one subnet with different gateway
    for example via via
    pfSense interace has
    When traffic come in pfsense for subnet i want that pfsense sent traffic to one of two gateways
    i want to get balance traffic via two static routes

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    Yeah doesn't work that way..

    So on the return trip how do you make sure the data comes back via this .4 or .5 address?

    So is this 10.40.2 a transit network? Why don't you draw your network and we can figure out what your trying to accomplish exactly.

  • bgp65000 has route balance to r44 and r45 from r46
    bgp65000 has redistribuite static routes from r44 and r45 for network and from r46

    if i do ping from to everything fine i have load balance
    when traffic return from and comes to pfsense, pfsense sends traffic only to r44 becouse it has only one route for network and it is normal
    i cant add same route with another next hop
    i want to make load balance between pfsense and r44 - r45 from pfsense to routers
    sorry for image, i hurried up
    thanks a lot !

  • does anybody help me please !

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    I see zero point to this... What is the point? How are you going to prevent asymmetrical traffic?

  • @johnpoz it is a part of all topoly, asymmetrical traffic does not matter, it is internal traffic
    asymmetrical traffic does not exist for pfSense in this topology
    So... is it possibly do ? two static route for one subnet for balancing

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    Again - how are you going to prevent asymmetrical traffic. WHY would you want to do such a thing. Yes you could have a secondary route.. But would be used in failover..

    I do not see the point to such a setup other than some academic discussion. Doesn't seem to be trying to load share over 2 different isp connections, etc. Are r44 and r45 some sort of Pair? Why would you do it with routing - when in such a setup would be better to do with lagg/etherchannel/portchannel whatever your hardware maker likes to call their version ;)

    And then your 10.40.2 just seems like a mess anyway Your connection to r34 is the same layer 3 /24... You have switch there but call it R34 so assume its a L3 doing routing?

  • r34 it is l2 simple switch
    okey how can i do secondary route for sunbnet when primary route will be inactive ??

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    Advertise the routes.. When the path goes away the advertisement for the other route will go away and only the secondary route will be viable.

    I would install the FRR package, or you could use the openbgpd or the Quagga ospf package

    You do understand sending traffic over both paths without some method of preventing asymmetrical could be problem right. And how are you doing sticky selection of the path? Since you have any sort of session going on and the path changes you no run into problems with out of order packets, etc.

    Can you lay down some actual real world use case here... I'm not following the use case here. What is the point of the r44 and r45 to connect two locations? Why would you want/need to load share these connections?

    What sort of connections is to r44 and r45 from the 2 locations. Is that just your own ethernet runs, dark fiber?

  • area bgp65000 it is NHRP+GRE+IPSEC(DMVPN) r44 and r45 it hubs, r46 it is spoke
    area it is just one subnet
    i did mistake
    area bgp has one subnet
    r46 has tun interface for two habs with address

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    What is the point of this? Your wanting to load share to 2 different vpn connections off the same physical interface? And the same TUN interface as well?

    Have no clue to what is the use case here... What is the point of the complexity - what does it get you? Your worried that r44 or r45 go down? What is the point of the loadsharing across the connection..

    NHRP - with just the 2 connections.. With GRE and IPsec involved as well??

    Is this some sort of class work - seems like nonsense waste of time, I see no real world application here. And down the rabbit hole we go...

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