• Hi Guys,

    I'm having an issue where I am trying to NAT port 443 to an IP Address on my IPSec VPN. I am trying to map my public IP 91.X.X.2 to IP

    My PFSense has a IPSec VPN Tunnel which routes all traffic for to Site B.
    In theory should this work?
    If this should work does PFSense v2.3 and 2.4 support this?


  • Hi @tompark

    There's no reason why this shouldn't work. The NAT should be applied on your WAN interface where the Public IP is, at which point it will be translated on the fly and routed internally. PfSense shouldn't really care where the NAT'd destination is, as long as it has routes to get to it.

    I've applied this on a number of OpenVPN links I have, though IPSec should work the same.


  • Netgate

    The pfSense at the other side will not have a phase 2 back to the source address.

    You cannot outbound NAT like that on IPsec. This does not even work on the new VTI routed IPsec coming in 2.4.4.

    OpenVPN can do this, however.

  • I stand corrected!😊