[solved] second LAN-interface not working correctly

  • When I installed my pfsense-box I only needed LAN and WAN ports, but I installed an additional NIC (Intel 82574L Gigabit).

    Today I wanted to use this interface for a second LAN. I assigned a fixed IP address and gave it a name (UPS in my case). I also created a firewall-rule any/any on interface UPS. I can ping this interface from my LAN network, but dont get a response when pinging from a machine on the UPS-network. Packet trace on the pfsense-box, UPS-interface, shows the echo request packages, but no replys :-((
    Any help appreciated,

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Look at the protocol on the firewall rule on UPS. If it is TCP change it to any.

    If that doesn't fix it, post your interface configuration and the rule set on that interface.

  • Thank you for your time Derelic. I looked at the interfce settings and found out, that I had left the subnet-setting for the interface at /32 instead of changing it to /24.
    Maybe this setting is bit confusing, because if I should set a single IP-address for the router interface and not a subnet. I suggest giving this setting a separate line or at least a caption "subnet size" or something similar.
    Anyway - excuse my dumbness.
    Best, Karl

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