Error Lan - route: route has not been found

  • I have an error in my pfSense 2.4.3

    Next, when I leave only the configured WAN I can ping DNS and any other site, but when I configure the lan interface to do DHCP and distribute the internet I can not even ping through pfSense itself.

    At the end of the Lan interface configuration, your

    Reloading routing configuration ... route: writing to routing socket: Network is unreachable
    route: route has not been found

    Can someone help me?

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  • If you have writen gateway to lan interface, delete it.

  • As well?

    My gateway is in the same IP range as the machines, if I leave with the IP of the wan page I will be able to access?

    Wan Configuration
    Mask (30)

    Lan Settings - ipv4
    DHCP - -

    How should I do?

  • You have mentioned Gateway here, delete it. You can't have 2 gateways at the same machine. Check and tell the result. From where do you want to access pfsense? Through wan or lan?

  • @emammadov said in Error Lan - route: route has not been found:

    You have mentioned Gateway here, delete it. You can't have 2 gateways at the same machine.

    I think he means that the DHCP server is configured to give that gateway address to clients and is the appropriate address.

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    I think your assuming there jknott.. Have seen it countless countless times where the client places a gateway on their lan interface directly... just completely ignoring all the warnings that this is more than likely WRONG!! Both in the gui and in the setup phase, etc.

    @glhrme please clarify your setup on pfsense lan interface - there should be NO gateway on it, and for sure you wouldn't point a gateway to your own address if you did have downstream networks.

  • Config Lan

    Config Wan

    Yes, it is in DHCP because I have a router that distributes the ip to it.

    When I disable Lan, I go to the shell of pfSense, option Ping Host and type it drops normal, if active Lan no longer works

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    Makes no sense.. Have you messed with your outbound nat?

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