Update download where?

  • While the website portal.pfsense.org is still up, it seems to be no longer linked on the pfsense.org website. I tried the portal on the netgate website, but my login credentials do not work there. Where will I get pfsense updates for my SG-1000 in the future?

  • According to Jimp, we're supposed to go to:


    login there and submit a request to a link to those hardware optimized files. But, I just now tried logging in on that page and it won't take either my Netgate Portal email/password or my Netgate Store email/password. If I use those combos on the individual pages, I can sign in just fine. But, of course, that doesn't get me a link.

    EDIT: I've also tried my Pfsense Forum email/password on the support login page with no luck. I guess I'll need a 4th Netgate/Pfsense login.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Updates come from the update servers, you don't need to login anywhere to get them, just run the update from the SG-1000 directly.

    You only need to download files for a fresh install, there aren't any update images to download.

    When you received the SG-1000 you should have also received a card that told you how to register the device. The account you made then should still work, try https://portal.pfsense.org/members/ -- If it doesn't, then send note to support and they can make sure your account still gets access to those images.

  • Thanks, I will stick with portal.pfsense.org, the image download worked fine. And I understand that this is only needed for recovery. I may have been under the wrong impression that the above site is being discontinued with the gold membership going away.

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