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  • 0_1539301818416_pfSense Hey guys,

    My pfSense box keeps hanging and not passing traffic for about 3 mins at a time randomly. Every once in a while the server will completely shut down. I got the crash logs and system logs from a bunch of crashes and have no idea what I'm looking at. If someone could take a look and explain why I keep dropping connection that would be great. I called my ISP and they verified multiple times that I'm not dropping connection at the ONT, but that they can see the NIC of my server having 1000ms packet loss. I'm including my .zip folder with all the logs I've copied thus far.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You have a hardware problem.

    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  bt
    Tracing pid 11 tid 100010 td 0xfffff80005251560
    kdb_enter() at kdb_enter+0x3b/frame 0xfffffe01eee77530
    vpanic() at vpanic+0x1a3/frame 0xfffffe01eee775b0
    panic() at panic+0x43/frame 0xfffffe01eee77610
    mca_intr() at mca_intr+0x6b/frame 0xfffffe01eee77630
    trap() at trap+0xb1/frame 0xfffffe01eee777f0
    calltrap() at calltrap+0x8/frame 0xfffffe01eee777f0
    --- trap 0x1c, rip = 0xffffffff81201a60, rsp = 0xfffffe01eee778c0, rbp = 0xfffffe01eee77900 ---
     Panic String: Unrecoverable machine check exception
    MCA: Bank 1, Status 0xb600000000100153
    MCA: Global Cap 0x0000000000000107, Status 0x0000000000000004
    MCA: Vendor "AuthenticAMD", ID 0x600f20, APIC ID 18
    MCA: Address 0x7
    panic: Unrecoverable machine check exception

    Those can't come from software, drivers, or anything but the hardware itself. That line appears to be saying that CPU 2 (or core 2) experienced an uncorrectable error in its cache memory.

    Could maybe be power/heat but I'd lean toward it being the CPU itself.

  • Ahh, Thanks for the reply. I'll open it up and see what's going on and probably end up swapping the CPU. Thanks again for the input!

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