SG-1000 End of Sale question

  • Hello all,

    Today I got an email from my colleague in the purchasing department about the end-of-sale status of the SG-1000. Now that came as a bit of surprise to me as I had seen no announcement or message about this. So I am having a hard trying to understand why it is no longer sold.

    As a replacement the Minnowboard Turbot dual/quad core is recommended. Now the dual core looks to be the closest thing to the SG-1000 (thankfully it has the DIN rail mount we need as well) so for now I'll be recommending that. However, I do not like the price hike at all. The SG-1000 goes for $149. The dual core Turbot for $249. That's a whopping 67% increase and I can already hear the moans of lament about this increase coming from my colleague's office. So I would like to have a good story prepared for him about any alternatives.

    So, to get to the questions: is there a new device under development to fit in the now vacant $150 price range? If the answer is yes, what is the expected time to market? If no: does anybody have any suggestions for a DIN-rail mountable router with the same capabilities and similar pricing as the SG-1000?

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