CARP and Interface Missmatch

  • Hi there,

    I have a Problem to run CARP on some Interfaces because it seems they are mixed.
    I will show you my Setup with 2 pfSense Boxex:

    PF1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PF2

    IGB0 = WAN (was wan) ------------------------------------------- IGB0 = WAN (was wan)
    IGB1 = PLAN (was lan) -------------------------------------------- IGB1 = PLAN (was lan)
    IGB2 = ILAN (was opt1) ------------------------------------------- IGB2 = ILAN (was opt1)
    IGB3 = SYNC (was opt2) ------------------------------------------ IGB3 = SYNC (was opt2)
    IGB4 = Unused (was opt3) --------------------------------------- IGB4 = Unused (was opt4)
    IGB5 = Upstream (was opt4) ----------------------------------- IGB5 = Uptream (was opt5)

    In case of that Mixed naming it seems that i am not able to make CARP on IGB4 and IGB5 (opt naming does not match)
    On PF2 there is a openvpn Interface on opt3.

    Is there any chance to make CARP on these interfaces by renaming the IDs or something link that?



  • You need to match exactly on both sides. If you have an OpenVPN interface on one, it should be on the other also.

  • Ahh i was able to make a "new" sorting by deleting the VPN interface ;)

    Ok that was easy.

    Thx to give some hints.

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