Access internal webserver multiple subnet

  • Good morning,
    I have a problem with my pfsense box, don't know how to debug it.

    I have:
    1 WAN X.X.X.X
    1 LAN
    1 WIFI
    1 VLAN

    I have a server inside VLAN net with serving a webserver running on 80 port and a SSH running on 22 port

    On LAN net I have a pc windows with and I'm trying to access and I can't do it. In the other side I can access on

    I can't figure out what's the problem, I can't reach with telnet....

    Do you help me with some hint?

    Thank you

  • @alex87alex post your firewall rules

  • My firewall rules:

  • @alex87alex nothing strange here
    Can you ping between hosts?
    How about local firewalls on hosts?

  • I can ping and firewall is disabled on linux host.

    In addition to this, I have an access point on WIFI network on ip. With the windows pc I cannot connect to on the tp-link admin panel, I can connect to this only with devices connected to WIFI on the same subnet (for example a mobile phone with ip

    The strange thing is I can connect to ssh server... It was better I couldnt at all....

  • @alex87alex In your firewall rules change the source to “any” for all of the default allow rules and see what happens.

  • Without do any change now I can access to, don't know why...

    I rebooted the firewall like 3 times without see any difference. I'm afraid that at the next reboot I can't access anymore...

    I didn't change anything between a restart to other. I can't explain this

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