pfSense web UI super slow when WAN is down

  • When my ISP\wan goes down my pfSense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) box is super slow. I connect to it from a wired PC via IP ( I am guessing it's something to do with DNS, but I can't figure out what for the life of me. I found this and this but trying what I could from them made no difference.

    My setup is really simple: single network with no subnets, an outbound VPN client to PIA (only select devices going through that; not the whole network), a single WAN connection and static IPs (set in pfSense, not client-side) for all network devices. I have the DNS servers on General Setup set to two from PIA then two from Google (with "none" as the gateway for all 4). The DHCP Server has no entries under "Servers" (no DNS there). The DNS forwarder service is the only DNS one enabled and there I have the following options enabled:

    • "Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder"

    • "Register DHCP static mappings in DNS forwarder"

    • Interfaces = All

    IPCONFIG /ALL on client PC has the pfSense box listed as Default Gateway, DHCP Server, & DNS Servers.

    Request: Hints on what might be up \ how to troubleshoot this, please.

  • Hi,

    This happens when you visit the Gui => dashboard page only ?
    Does it also happen when you visit some other page, like Status > Services ?

  • All pages on the pfSense device are slow when this happens. :-( I've tried FF, Chrome, IE, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Opera Developer, etc.

  • Well, it's know that, when WAN (or multiple WANs) gets down, the initial login can take several seconds.
    For example : if your WAN interface is up, but upstream the connection is down, then DNS operation (UDP) will time out after many seconds ... If the interface itself was down, things will go faster, because pfSense will know that it's down.
    I just ripped out my WAN cable, and checked what happened. Ones logged in - this took 15 seconds after hitting "login", any pfSense page was fast to open, but I didn't save anything.

    I do have this "basic" setup : simple DHCP-client WAN.
    I'm using the default Resolver ....

  • I need to Fiddle it next time it happens I guess.

  • Happened to me again just now. Of course, I had flattened my PC and not yet installed Fiddler. :-) I unplugged my cable modem then plugged back in to get all lights correct\connected. Then I had to shutdown the pfSense device wait a tick and power it back on. That was MUCH faster than trying to go to https://<pfSense device IP>/status_interfaces.php and renew there because of the super slowness (in FF and Chrome).

    Waiting for next Spectrum outage now (or may pull WAN cable once my bandwidth-gobbling kids hit the sack tonight <g>).

  • I am having this issue as well, looks like there is a bug open:

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