• I'm looking to migrate our company from Sonicwall to Netgate running PFsense. I'm trying to sort out if Netgate is similar to a mini-PC running PFSense or if it's more intertwined as a hardware firewall. I'm in a restaurant, so the higher ups don't quite understand how networking works, but we had some UniFi APs EOL recently and they are trying to avoid EOS / EOL costs now that they realize hardware needs to be replaced occasionally.

    Either way, could I suspect Netgate to go through EOS/EOL cycles just like other hardware or is there a longer use period because of being software-based?

  • I'm not quite sure if I understand your question. If a product gets to End of Sale the software upgrades would still work until something isn't supported...for instance they posted in May 2017 that v2.5 will require AES-NI support and I think I read here recently that may be getting deferred. I suspect the base level of support in general will end up being tied to FreeBSD since that's the base OS.

    That said, at https://www.netgate.com/products/appliances/ the SG-3100 is from fall 2017 and I know all the other "x100" models are newer. So they have just been refreshed. But we're still installing updates on the older models we have in service.

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