Backup route with single WAN box?

  • Hi everyone,
    I have a simple fw running pfsense (LinITX APU 1D)
    It has 3 NICs - one WAN, one LAN, one OPT1

    The WLAN is connected to a FTTH services using PPOE. However this sometimes fails and for those rare occasions I would like to use my BT ADSL service that I still have available.

    Is there anyway I can use a static route or similar to route to the BT ADSL if the WAN is down?


    FTT======-WAN pfsense -----------LAN--------BT ADSL Home

    Is there anyway to get the pfsense route to if the WAN is down?

  • Hello there! Yes you can do it as easy as configuring a few settings as described in the following link here you go

    Get back to here if you couldn't get it working.

    Good luck

  • I had seen those config options, but they all refer to 2 WANs.

    Can I do this with 1 WAN and 1 LAN though?

  • Sure. Just add the gateway and choose the correct interface and there you go. When creating a gateway group you are free to choose any interface. For instance LAN interface. Thus you can choose WAN1 and a gateway which uses LAN as its outgoing interface. That being said it would be better if you connect both of your Internet-connected devices to the pfsense box.

  • Galactic Empire

    Are you using the OPT1 interface, if not use that you can rename it WAN2 or ADSL in the interfaces assignment page.

  • You will have to setup PFsense for a dual WAN or configure a 2nd gateway on your workstations and edit your metric there.

  • @nogbadthebad interesting. I can free up OPT1 and then make it WAN2 then follow the other suggestions for groups.
    Excellent. I will give that a try.