XG-7100 ETH LAN's Not Connecting to Additional Switches (pfSense 2.4.4)

  • I have an XG-7100 with switch ports configured as;
    ETH1 - WAN (VLAN 4090 on lagg0)
    ETH2 - LAN1 (VLAN 4091 on lagg0) - DHCP on LAN
    ETH3 - LAN2 (VLAN 4092 on lagg0) - DHCP on Netgate
    ETH4 - LAN3 (VLAN 4093 on lagg0) - DHCP on Netgate
    ETH5 - LAN4 (VLAN 4094 on lagg0) - DHCP on Netgate

    ETH1 is connected to a Cisco router and works fine
    ETH2 is connected to an HP 1900 series switch and works fine
    ETH3, 4 & 5 will connect if I plug my laptop in directly, but if I connect to a switch will no longer be visible/ pingable. I've tested with 3 other switches, an HP 2600 series, a Cisco SG-300 and a Netgear 5 port desktop switch. Weirdly, the Netgear desktop switch does work (but is impractical)

    I've tested with straight and crossover cables and I've also tested with a combination of different VLANS, single ETH ports active at a time, all ETH ports active. Still ETH3/4/5 will only connect if plugged into directly.

    What am I missing?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are you trunking those VLANs out of Eth3-5 to the switches?

    Can we see your switch config in the XG-7100.


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