routing specific packets through IPSEC gre tunnel

  • Hi, I hope this is in the right section. we are in need of using a web service for one of our servers that just connects through GRE ipsec tunnel.
    I have a DMZ net with address.
    i have a gre ipsec tunnel with (basically: x.x.x.194 on our side and x.x.x.193 on their side.
    the web service address is :
    i've added a static route in : system=>routing=>static route. telling that for destination network to use GRE gateway.
    i have a outbound NAT saying for with destination of to use GRE-interface address.
    when i try to ping from my host, it does not go through. i've captured icmp packets with destination of GRE interface. surprisingly it shows that reply to my x.x.x.194 side of the tunnel, but i get nothing on the host.
    any help would be appreciated.

  • @vistatech said in routing specific packets through IPSEC gre tunnel:

    And why is outgoing NAT used ?
    Try disabling it . I have a similar scheme and everything works fine without NAT.
    The question such, Pfsense can ping a host ?