Set gop using SSH or Web Interface

  • Hello,

    I have just installed PfSense 2.4.4 on an old laptop. I had some issues getting passed the installation due to "garbage" and being unable to use the console.

    At first I thought it was due to incorrect baudrate on the console, but it was actually incorrect set gop. I changed it and I finalized the installation.

    Anyhow, everytime I reboot the computer, I lose the setting. Is there anyway where I can get set it permanently? And is it possible to do from either Web Interface or over SSH?

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  • Netgate Administrator

    What exactly are you setting and where?

    It sounds like it's a loader variable in which case you can add it to /boot/loader.conf.local (create that file if it doesn't exist).


  • I just came to the same conclusion. You are correct!

    gop set 1

    in /boot/loader.conf.local solved my problem!

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