Telegraf and Grafana Dashboards

  • I've been playing around with Grafana lately and added the Telegraf package to my pfSense. I did some searching around but didn't see many discussions on Telegraf and what folks are graphing. On Grafana's Dashboard page I did find a couple basic dashboards (5438 and 8228) that use Telegraf and Influxdb. There are dashboards for other data sources/databases.

    I created a dashboard and added it to Grafana's Dashboard community page (9806 here). I'm still tweaking it, but here are some screenshots:

    These are all part of one dashboard, just easier to take multiple screenshots.

    Just curious what others have done and always appreciate feedback.

  • @drcstang actually using this dashboard today, and I made some slight tweaks but honestly, your dashboard rocks outta the box!

  • @jlw52761 Thanks for the kind words! Glad you found it useful.

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