Does anyone have a link to a good site for Multi WAN

  • I want multiple LANs that all have their own public IP.
    I received several public IPS from my ISP.
    The public IPs come from the same default gateway.

    Sorry for my bad English, I am not a native English speaker.

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    You have few options
    You either nat and do 1:1 with rfc1918 to the machines behind matching up with your public IP(s)

    You bridge the connection

    Or the correct/best solution is to get your public space actually routed to you so you can put this public network behind pfsense.

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  • @johnpoz What exactly do you mean by routing your public addresses to you?

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    Lets say you have from your isp..

    They would route this to your public IP via normally a different transit, say for example your IP was

    So when someone wants to get to for example the traffic gets sent to pfsense public IP

  • @johnpoz Can you give an example which IP's
    I would set on my firewall interfaces?

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    If you do not understand how to route a network... Then just do the VIP and 1:1 nat thing..

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish... Why not just do simple port forwards..

    Continue with my example where was routed to you..

    So on your lan or optX or vlan in pfsense on your lan side you would say make pfsense

    While then your clients in this network could use with .7 being your broadcast address.

    OR you could use .6 for pfsense and your clients in your network could use .1-.5

    Does your ISP even provide you with the option of routing the /X to you?? How many IPs do you have from your ISP?

  • @johnpoz can you link me a video of setting up static routing multiple WAN's for pfsense can only find VIPS with 1:1 NAT

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    multiple wans via what interfaces and dhcp address on these?

    You can not do static IPs on interface in the same netblock..

  • The firewall must serve multiple customers
    The firewall must give each customers their own external IP
    The firewall must prevent each of the customers from seeing each others’ networks
    The firewall must allow us to configure network services for each customer (DHCP, DNS, etc)

    Can I accomplish this with pfsense?

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    Yes to all your questions..

    The simple solution would be if you had a routed public network.. And then sub net that down for each tenants to their own vlan... This will cost you some loss of address space as you break up the larger network into smaller vlans.. But makes it really simple to manage.

    If you say have a /24 routed to you, you can break that up into 64 /30's or 32 /29's to give the tenants the number of IPs they require.. And how many tenants you have?

    Other method would be to just use a private vlan.. This is a vlan that where all clients are in the same L2/L3 space but you control at the switch infrastructure which Ports can talk to which others or none at all.

    Control of dhcp and or dns can be handled via reservations for the tenants devices via reservations where you could hand out dns XYZ to mac address ABC, while other info is given to mac address DFG, etc.

    Or you just use different local vlans for each tenant say 192.168.1/24 for A, 192.168.2/24 for B tenant.. And then just use 1:1 natting for their stuff from your public IP space with VIPs, etc. etc..

    There are many ways to skins this specific cat - just need to know the breed and the full details and the skill set of the persons going to run this whole thing along with the other equipment going to be used to know the best way..

    Are the tenants going to have their own firewall/router connected to you? Or are their devices going to be connected to pfsense without any firewall/router between?

  • @johnpoz
    Still not sure if the public addresses are routed to me or not. I want 4 separate networks and on different port on my server/pfsense firewall so when a costumer comes in I can just plugin a utp cable to a switch and than they have there own separate lan and public network.

    sorry for calling them tenants their customers.

    BTW sorry for my English im a Dutch trainee, thanks for helping though.

  • I already have suricata running on it could that be a problem its not blocking hosts. only some packets

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    Why would you be running IPS out of the gate is beyond me...

    If you don't even know if your IP space is routed to you are directly attached even - why are you even involved in such a project?

    Is the public IPv4 space assigned to you and you have 1 of these IPs on pfsense wan itself? Then its most likely NOT routed... If you have a different IPv4 network on your wan then this IPv4 space you have with the IPs you want to give to your clients/customers/tenants then its routed..

    Yes you can create 4 different networks/vlans be they directly connected to a physical port on pfsense or a vlan that is tagged, etc.

    The EASY!!! Solution is to your problem is if the IP space is routed to you! How many IPs do you have? What is the mask /??

    @lucndevr said in Does anyone have a link to a good site for Multi WAN:

    in I can just plugin a utp cable to a switch and than they have there own separate lan and public network.

    So these customers are going to run their own routers? If they are going to have their own lan?

    How many public IPs do the customers need each? How many public IPs do you have? You know you can hand them as many as you need with simple VIP and 1:1 nat to what their rfc1918 network is..

    Customer 1 = 192.168.1/24
    Customer 2 = 192.168.2/24
    Customer 3 = 192.168.3/24

    Then on your public IPs which you create vips And do 1:1 nat for each IP to customer IP(s) VIP 1:1 nat to VIP 1:1 nat to VIP 1:1 nat to

    There are many ways to skin this cat - but you have not provided the details to help you further.. But what I would suggest is you remove the IPS package.. Is only going to cause you grief and is a HUGE learning curve and lots of time and effort to setup where it doesn't bomb you with log spam and false positives and if in blocking mode going to cause you pain blocking stuff...

    What do you currently have setup?

  • Ok its not routed to me.
    Do I need a separate router from my customers because they do not bring a router or firewall. I already had 1:1 nat and vips but my trainer said he wanted the public ip linked to a network not a single hosts. I am probably missing the point here.

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  • @lucndevr said in Does anyone have a link to a good site for Multi WAN:

    a software company and there's no real network operator

    What, are you kidding? A software company and no-one who cares about the infrastructure?
    That's like Nascar racing without someone who prepared the track beforehand...

    @lucndevr said in Does anyone have a link to a good site for Multi WAN:

    what they do now is for every public ip these use a different firewall

    So you have a lot of separate networks at the moment, right?
    Are those DSL or fiber lines that arrive at your door and each with its own, single public IP?

  • @lucndevr said in Does anyone have a link to a good site for Multi WAN:

    my trainer said he wanted the public ip linked to a network not a single host

    What does he mean?
    Do your clients use this internet connection only for outgoing traffic or do they have own servers that need to be reached at the public IP from the outside (aka internet)? Like their own web or e-Mail server.

    If they need outgoing traffic only then it's easy to set each ISP connection as gateway for the specific client network.
    You could describe this as "public IP linked to a network" but it's more the other way round.

    If they have servers on-premise that need to be reached from the internet then your trainer's demand is wrong. You cannot link an IP to a network (aka multiple devices) for incoming traffic. You can only forward traffic from public IP to one server at a local IP address. Like one web server.

    What do they want to gain with a single firewall and a couple of completely separated networks?
    And how many ISP links will there be in total?

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    Seems like the blind leading the blind here...

    You do understand you could do a whole subnet with 1:1 nat right??

    So pubicIP 1.2.3.X would be mapped to rfc1918.X
    publicIP.Y would go to rfc1918.Y
    publicIP.Z would go to rfc1918.Z

    If your trainer thinks you can see traffic to port 80 to publicIP on pfsense wan and send that to ALL rfc1918 behind.. It doesn't work that way!!!

  • @lucndevr said in Does anyone have a link to a good site for Multi WAN:

    There is 1 ISP with a series of public IPs and they want to be reached from outside.

    • How many IPs/connections are we talking about?

    • Specify "want to be reached from outside" - what's the plan?

    • what kind of service do you get/have: DSL, fiber, LTE, ...

    • what's the bandwidth for each ISP link?

    How often do your clients/tenants/whatever change? Will this be on a, say, monthly/yearly basis or is the plan for a longer stay? There are multiple ways to configure this. Just trying to find the one that fits your demands best.

    PS: obviously, we are happy to help. We just need some info to work with. Throwing pieces of information at us or not answering questions at all raises frustration for everyone who volunteers with your problem.

  • 0_1552552276886_b268bd01-7e97-45d5-9fd7-e14339abd49a-image.png

    I got the 1:1 NAT working with public ip's
    but is it possible to have the domain controller in a different subnet I need it to authenticate HV4 and HV3. see attachment

  • @luc1231122 Is that regular behaviour in 2019 - demanding information but not giving answers? Instead posting an (incomplete at best) graphic and asking unrelated questions. Wow!

    @luc1231122 said in Does anyone have a link to a good site for Multi WAN:

    ...domain controller in a different subnet...

    Why a different subnet? Aren't they all in /16 ? 😇

    Just a quick look at your diagram: is double is double or whatever you wanted to show
    FA/1 is double (whatever FA/1 & FA/2 are)
    FA/2 is missing
    IPv6 is missing completely in the diagram (but is allowed by FW rules!?)

  • @jahonix Yeah sorry but some questions I do not have the answers.

  • @jahonix
    we got 1 ISP

    I do not know what I have to port forward

    We got DSL

    I think they are all around 90mbps

    I used subnetmask /24

    And I re uploaded the diagram hopes it makes anymore more sense now

  • I am just wondering do these 2 routers need to have a static route between each other?0_1552552488017_d66d7016-ab79-41f6-967c-6647063306fb-image.png

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    Now we have another firewall in the mix? Why?

    No that diagram makes no sense at all.. There is no masks on the diagram, So your using /24

    So you have network 172.16.16/24 and 172.16.17/24

    So you have managment port of pfsense on 17.4 and then another interface on 17.131? So a VIP? You can not put address in the same network on multiple ports.. Pfsense won't let you do that even.

    And what the hell is untangle doing out there? Doing Nat to what? That is another internet connection? Your not trying to use untangle with the freaking arp spoofing/poisoning shit it does?? OMG!!

    How are you people touching anyone's network in the first place???

    If your going to connect two routers, you would use a transit network... And then yes there would need to be routes between the networks.. If your throwing that untangle POS into your network with its arp nonsense it does... Good freaking luck to you - go have fun over on their forums.

  • And remember: this is for a software company which is also serving internet to clients.
    The one person responsible for that backbone is a trainee. Really respect what you do, Luc. But your trainer, the CEO and the (obviously not available) operations or network manager should get a serious slap!

    Best advise: hire someone who has done this kind of work before, who knows what he's doing and learn from him.
    All you, as a trainee, can do is come up with a tinkered solution which might work in parts. It surely is not a system engineered for safety and performance, let alone for commercial use.

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    Yeah no offense to the trainee guy... But come on!!

    More than happy to help you... But there needs to be some common ground of knowledge and exchange of information... Can not help you with your calculus problem when you don't understand addition and subtraction ;)

    More than happy to help you get there... But seems like this is a complete mess, and they expect you to fix it? Who designed the setup in the first place? What was there before, why is pfsense and untangle being used together.. Was the untangle box there and your trying to replace it with pfsense, was pfsense there and your wanting to add untangle?

    How were they connected to the internet before, etc. etc.

  • @johnpoz

    Sorry .131 is the management port for the hyper-v its incorrect and I should remove it from the diagram because its not connected to pfsense.
    The untangle router is the current router with his own incoming wan interface.

    the network is for the company which I have my internship.
    and he wants me to make a new / integrate network.
    And we probably gonna replace untangle.

  • I know it's a mess and I am doing probably a lot wrong and you guys should not be my teachers my trainer should be, I am just trying to learn.
    I mean if you really do not feel like helping me you can. I hope I do not come over unappreciative.

    Also want to give as much information as I can but neither my trainer or I have enough knowledge.

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    More than happy to help you but as mentioned by Jahonix, it can get frustrating running around in circles and having to pull teeth with a pair of tweezers to get any actual info.

    I will give you some advice right up front - an accurate drawing is going to be your best friend, and will instantly allow anyone in the field to understand what is going on.

    So lets work on detailed an accurate drawing and work from there...

    What are the rules fa/1 and fa/2, those are pfsense - but looks like your interface on pfsense are hn1 and hn2?

  • I am making one at the moment and do you mean a drawing of the current network or the one I would want to create?

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    Lets have the CURRENT network!!! As it currently is, and then can work towards what you want.. And can go over what if that even makes sense.

    Why does the hv3 have 2 public ips? What is being served on this box? But it has only 1 private IP?

  • 0_1552580403493_23c1008c-8ef3-41e0-9bd8-dfc16938191e-image.png

    I probably should ask more what to current network looks like but he does not really know himself.
    This is what he drawed for me. the current setup is really really weird at least I do not understand why they made it like this.

    But what he wants is separate networks for the clients and the the Hyper-visors need their own public IP but he also still want access to the Hyper-visors not sure if he can have access internally to the hyper-visors if he also does not want them on the same subnet. hope that this make's sense?

    He said that he use so many untangle NAT because he did not know how to give out mutiple public ip's from one router.
    but he wants to use pfsense and have one firewall/router do everything.

    (I am probably using the wrong terms here and there and not understanding what I am actually saying and I am sorry for that I am a newbie to this)

  • Is this a lost case?

  • 0_1552583376075_afea22ec-2ac8-49a0-b1a0-66018c326fd3-image.png

    and this is what I want to start with need to add other things like probably VPN and wireless access point etc but that is for later. Also later on gonna make the firewall rules a bit more strict.

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    Why are you calling out a L3 switch when clearly you have the L3s assigned on pfsense? Makes ZERO sense... So this switch has 3 different L2 vlans created?

    What is the Router your calling in the first drawing that has x.x.x.32/27 directly assigned to your Untangle box that is doing nat?

  • Just to give you a starting point may I suggest to work your way through these infos:

    Network Documentation Best Practices: What’s Important & How To Track It
    How to Draw Clear L3 Logical Network Diagrams

    Try to draw what you have in both a physical and a logical layout.
    Then make a layout of how it's supposed to look in the future (there hardly is a final stage with network, they do change sooner or later). To restrict infos of your real public IPs you can use IPs from the range instead which is TEST-NET - the equivalent of in the IPv4 world.

    Here are some more in-depth infos if needed or if you're really curious
    Network Documentation Series