Bridging LAGG groups

  • I am trying to bridge two LAGG groups I have made to my two Ubiquiti switches. One of them is PoE and the other is non PoE. I want them all to be on the same network if possible to be managed by the same cloudkey, and that I know the backhaul network is the same.
    Is it possible to bridge two LAGG groups, because everytime I do it seems to break the firewall, so either it can't be done, or I am doing it wrong.
    I am using a SuperMicro 5019a-FTN4 with an Intel Quad VT NIC I added. I can get LAGG working with LACP to the switches, the issue is when I am bridging them I seem to break everything, have to revert the config, and reboot.
    If this can't be done, what's the best way to configure both of these switches to have as much internal bandwidth as possible?

    The LAGG groups consist of
    0: IGB0 and IGB1
    1: IGB2 and IGB3

    the WAN is going over IX0, with IX1 planned for WAN failover. IX 2 and 3 are unused at this time.
    Apologies if this was in the wrong area, as I was unsure where to post this

  • I figured it out, I forgot some settings elsewhere