pfSense & Xeon D-2100

  • Curious if someone has seen whether the Xeon D-2100 are supported by pfSense yet? SFP+ ports included?

    Looking at 2 of these for a linking 2 locations, site-to-site:
    Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 1U | 5019D-FN8TP

    Sure the TDP is higher than the D-1500 series (I'm not overly concerned with power usage), but from all indications the performance difference is significant. It may even be a little overkill, but considering I can get 2 of them (with the required RAM & SSD) for quite a bit less than 2 of Netgate's own XG-1537 (even though I'd prefer to support them), it would only make sense to get the newer equipment, if it works - hence this post!

    I'll be running a substantial amount of IPsec traffic, the Supermicro unit has higher clock speeds than similar units, Turbo's higher, and includes QAT (if Netgate ever get around to supporting that, I'm hopeful at least).
    As we continue to grow, our needs will also continue to grow, so I'm trying to also plan ahead.

    Obvious downside would be the fact that Netgate Support is only available at a higher cost, but I feel as though I have a relatively good grasp of what I need pfSense to do, so (knock on wood), I'm unlikely to need it (until I do, and then I'll just pay for it).

    Thank you very much, this site and forum has been a wealth of information for me over the years!

    edit - TNSR is a possibility, but I'm not prepared to jump into something new at this point.

  • 5019D-FN8TP / X11SDV-8C-TP8F working fine for me here (SFP and Cat5 10gig / 1 gig connections)

    pfSense.local.lan - Status: Dashboard 2019-04-06 22-24-49.jpg

  • @q54e3w

    Fantastic! thank you for the response and info!

    Curious if you've tested VPN throughput (IPsec primarily)?

    Thanks again.

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    What's your linespeed @vokys ? We already get near 500Mbps with a C3558 Atom so a Xeon-D of that generation should exceed 1Gbps without problems?

  • @JeGr
    1Gbps at both sites.

    500Mbps on the C3558 is relativley higher than I've seen reported elsewhere.

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