pfsense AWS instance - Why i can't add more than 2 network interfaces

  • Hi,

    I have a scenario of 1 public subnet ( and 2 private subnets. Each private subnet named Finance ( and Corporate ( I'm using t2.large for the instance which should give me 4 available interfaces to the instance.
    I'm currently trying to create and attach 1 network interface each to Finance and Corporate. However in the launch instance steps, i can't add more than 2 (1 WAN + 1 LAN) interfaces. How can i add additional interfaces to the instance?

    Thank you!

    AWS-CloudConnections (2).jpg

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Create the instance then add them?

  • You can add the new interfaces after the instance is created. Not sure why they limit you during the creation.
    btw - What did you create that diagram with?
    I am a big Visio user but I am looking for another solution for quick designs.

  • @dnickel It's It's pretty solid drawing app.

    @Derelict found the cause of error. Apparently my all my 3 subnets is in different AZs.

    Instance and Network Interface should sit in the same AZs to work.

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