PFSENSE: 2nd WAN IP for 2nd internal LAN

  • Hi there,

    I have 1 physical line with 2 IP addresses assigned.

    ISP gave me this information with gateway are its internal addresses. Public IP A is fully translated to by routing rules of ISP and Public B to

    I setup pfsense simply that WAN has IP, GTW, setup LAN with IP and everything works OK, i.e. I can connect any computer to LAN and all of them are connected to internet. When I ask internet who am I, I receive my address A.

    What I need is to create another network LAN2, give it IP and I need computers from this network to access internet as address B.

    Can you advice how to do it?

    many thanks


  • You would set up a virtual address.

    Then either port forward or use 1:1 NAT to the second address. Plus some WAN firewall rules to let the traffic pass.