Ping spikes on WAN and LAN site

  • Hello,

    i recently upgraded (downgraded) my pfSense box from a Xeon 1220l (Supermicro board) to a Supermicro A2SAV-L with 8 Gigs of RAM.
    Everything is working fine except for one thing. I am getting huge ping spikes on both LAN and WAN.
    If I ping my pfSense box I am usually getting <1ms, but the ping will rise to ~60-90ms and then drop down to <1ms. Same on the WAN side. Usually I am getting a ping of 19ms, but now it will rise to 100-300ms range and then drop down to 19ms.
    The only thing I am running is a OpenVPN client (PIA) for two devices. Even with the VPN turned off the issue persists.
    I am using Cloudflare for DNS.
    These are my custom options:

    private-domain: ""
    ssl-upstream: yes
    name: "."
    forward-ssl-upstream: yes

    (I read somewhere that some of those options are no longer needed, would be nice to know which exact.)
    Besides that I only got a port forward setup for my Plex server.
    Power saving features are all disabled.

    EDIT: I fixed it by resetting my BIOS/ UEFI

  • Netgate Administrator

    Interesting. Do you have any idea what setting in the BIOS may have caused it?

    I do recall seeing similar issues with some PCI power saving feature, a loooong time ago though.


  • @stephenw10
    I think it is related to the P and C state settings in the BIOS.
    It is possible that I changed one of them and just forgot.
    P-state is the exact one I changed I think.
    It has to be set to its default value (HW_ALL irc).

    These may help: