No access Skype

  • good morning,
    i can't access skype I am using squid + squidguard.
    I have added an alias with skype ip addresses and another alias with skype domains but I can't log in to skype.

    I followed the steps in the following link and I can't access Skype

    1. General Discussion isn't a support section. It's for general discussion. Since your problem includes accessing Skype via squid, the Cache/Proxy forum would be best, but you can always post in General pfSense Questions if you aren't sure.

    2. You need to provide more detail than "I'm having a problem". You say you can't login. What error messages are you seeing, exactly? Anything in the System log? Anything in Squid's access log? How do you have Squid configured, transparent or explicit? How do you have squidguard configured? Are you using any blacklists? Which squidguard categories do you have blocked? etc etc etc etc

  • @Javier124577 said in No access Skype:

    I have added an alias with skype ip addresses

    I tend to say : Skype is a very big structure, with many (more ?!) IP's - did you add them all ?
    You'll be asking : what are these IP's ? I don't know. You want to use Skype and Squid, so : up to you to collect the info. Ask Skype ?

    Squid - and it's setup, isn't an easy package to setup. Keep in mind that a solution might be this simple : remove squid and your problem is solved.
    Have a look at this pfsense squid skype and you'll get the picture.

  • I show an image of the ip and domains entered in destination bypass in the squid configuration

    IP Skype:
    What can I do to solve the problem?

  • Did you saw this : ?

    Still, that info is from 2012 .... things could be different today.

    I guess you'll be in for some Googling hours.

  • When you try to log in to Skype you are not logged in It does not show any error message.
    In the Squid log when I try to log in it does not show any errors.

    I have configured two aliases, in which I have introduced the skype domains and the skype networks found in this post

    followed the steps of this post and failed to solve it

    What can I do to solve the problem?

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