[SOLVED] WAN Static IP with Virtual IPS

  • For the past few years I have used PPOE connection that was assigned a /29 block of Public IP addresses.

    On PPOE i was assigned a /29 subnet for IP addresses to use, I simply set this up in Virtual IP's (type OTHER), and my WAN IP was given a IP outside of this range (via PPOE). Now on my new setup, my WAN is configured via static IP, my provider has again assigned me a /29 block of public IPV4 addresses.

    But this time, say I am given the following subnet (example): # IP Range # Gateway Address 

    So I set my Wan Static IP (for the pfsense box) as with the gateway as This works fine and internet routes correctly.

    Now when I go to add my new block of Virtual IP's do I still add and simply not assign .114to anything, or do I do this another way? At the moment I have the static IP connection working correctly, just wondered how to configure the Virtual IP's (so I can assign .115 .116 .117 and .118 to internal addresses) thanks.

  • You add them as Virtual IP - IP Aliases, and no you don't add one for the WAN since .114 is already in use.

  • Thanks, so just add each one individually as a /32 ?

  • No, you add them as they were assigned .115/29, .116/29 .117/29 etc etc

  • Thanks, seems to be working as expected.

  • Netgate Administrator

    With IPAliases you can usually use either /32 or the correct subnet size. The important thing is you have at least one IP defined on the interface with the correct subnet in order to add the correct routing.