Netgate C2758 poor performance

  • Hello,

    I am receiving some very poor performance bandwidth on a netgate C2758. When I directly connect through a laptop I saturate my ISP at 400 MB/s. When I run a speedtest-cli from pfsense console I can only get 70 mb/s. When we first received the unit 4 years ago, the performance was fine. It may have started when we upgraded to 2.4. Any help is appreciated.

    Below is my system information:
    Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection, Version - 2.5.3-k>

    Below are outputs from vmstat -i and pftop while I am running a speedtest:


    I have tried enabling and disabling the options in advanced -> networking -> networking interfaces. check sum offloading, tso, lso. I have tried a multitude of different options into the boot.loader.conf file: I have managed to make it worse making changes, but I have not been able to make it better."10000"

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ok first thing I would do here, if you can, is a clean install of 2.4.4p3 and restest. Open a ticket with us here to get the restore image if you don't have one.

    That test is clearly not stressing the CPU there so either there is something broken in the connection itself, bad port, bad cable maybe, or something not syncing correctly at a guess. The WAN incorrectly set to 100Mb-FD for example.


  • Dope. I should have seen that. It was autoselecting at 100base. I corrected that and I am now getting 300 mb/s. It's not the 400 I get plugged in directly, but I'll take it. Not worth it to spend time on the last little bit of bandwidth.

    Thank you!!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, well something odd happening there then. It should not auto select to 100M unless the other end is also 100M, which it clearly isn't. Setting it fixed when whatever it's connecting to is not fixed can also be an issue.
    I would try swapping cables. Try re-assigning the WAN to a different port. It's far better to have both ends set to auto-select.


  • What I did to correct it was move the cable to a different port on the modem. I left the configuration as auto select.

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