Vários Gateways + squid proxy

  • hello, I'm begginer here and need help about one question. My scenario is:
    PFSense 2.4.4 with 3 gateways for differente ranges of lan, but when I enable the Squid Proxy Server it disabled my firewall configuration of gateway and setup the gateway default for all ips indepentment of the lan.
    How I can to use different gateway without the Squid Proxy Server changed the gateway.

  • While you can use the tcp_outgoing_address directive to specify an outbound address for squid to use, I don't believe you can configure it per network. Squid only wants to use one address.

  • Netgate Administrator

    I've never tried it but you should be able to specify a different address for each matching ACL. Or for all traffic if you don't specify an ACL which is how I have used it:


  • where do I use the tcp_outgoing_address?
    and I have other problem, I use failover and load balance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    In the Custom Options Before Auth field in the Squid general settings.


    You can only specify an IP there, you can't use a gateway group.

    If you need Squid to use a gateway group you can leave it as default where it will use the system default route and then set that as gateway group in System > Routing.


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