IPsec nat issues

  • Hi,

    first of all I'm sorry for my poor English...

    I have problem with pfsense (2.4.4-p3) an IPsec NAT. I have an IPsec with my private cloud perfectly working:
    Local LAN:
    Remote LAN (cloud site):

    I have configured the phase 2 as shown in the followin screenshot (LAN_Cliente subnet =

    The hosts in local lan ( can ping the host in remote lan ( and vice versa.

    Now I have configured a VPN for road warrion using OpenVPN and the IPv4 tunnel is I cannot add a second IPsec VPN to my cloud, so I need to nat my OpenVPN IPv4 tunnel ( with my local lan ( To do that I added a second Phase 2 to my IPsec conf, whith the following conf:
    Local Network: OPENVPN_ADMIN subnet (
    NAT/BINAT Traslation: LAN_CLIENTE subnet (
    Remote Network: Network
    The rest of phase 2 conf is the same of the first phase 2. Then I click on save but if I return on this second phase 2 the field NAT/BINAT Traslation is set to none:

    In few words pfsense doesn't save the field NAT/BINAT Traslation to the value LAN_CLIENTE subnet. Why?
    I tried also to set manually NAT/BINAT Traslation to Network and pfsense save correctly this configuration (if I return on this second phase 2 the field NAT/BINAT Traslation is set to Network192.168.10.0/24), but I cannot ping from my OpenVPN network (and also from the pfsense diagnostic tool selecting as source interface OPENVPN _ADMIN) the hosts in remote subnet ( I did a traceroute and the packet stop soon, to the OpenVPN interface (

    For your information:

    • my outbound nat is set to manually

    • The firewall rule in IPsec pass everything...

    • the firewall rule in OpenVPN interface pass everything...

    • From my local network I can ping hosts connected via OpenVPN and vice versa...

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you very much

  • @prx first of all your second phase2 is absolutely incorrect - you cross 2 different network. You can try 2 different cases (first one more good):

    1. Change OpenVPN subnet to be next subnet after your LAN like, and after it create only one Phase2 with
    2. Use BNAT to 1 /32 IP on LAN subnet and reserve this IP in DHCP for not existing static IP so nobody will use it really NEVER in your LAN. I doesn't sure if even this will fix because even this is network collision

    And another question: why you configured 3DES and use 1024 bit key group - this is too low? It totally deprecated... This is due old gw on other side of ipsec?

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