Hardware Failure

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    I have a Netgate C2758 where I think the hardware is failing. Every once in a while lately it freezes and no response from console. What I'd really like to know though, is what is failing. If it's just RAM I'll just see if I can find replacement memory. Anyone able to understand the crash dumps to let me know what exactly is failing?


    Dump header from device: /dev/ada0s1b
      Architecture: amd64
      Architecture Version: 1
      Dump Length: 78336
      Blocksize: 512
      Dumptime: Sat Oct 26 06:16:05 2019
      Hostname: fw01.mydomain.local
      Magic: FreeBSD Text Dump
      Version String: FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p10 #9 4a2bfdce133(RELENG_2_4_4): Wed May 15 18:54:42 EDT 2019
      Panic String: NMI indicates hardware failure
      Dump Parity: 1159704370
      Bounds: 0
      Dump Status: good


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    NMI ISA 60, EISA 0
    I/O channel check, likely hardware failure.
    panic: NMI indicates hardware failure
    cpuid = 4
    KDB: enter: panic

    The errors indicate a hardware failure, but there isn't enough detail to say for sure what component since it's not a full MCE log, just an NMI. You might be able to go into the BIOS and get more detail from there.

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