SIPorxd - 7 VOIP cisco 7960 - States -

  • When I look at the Diagnostics : States section I see that all the IP addresses of VOIP Cisco 7960 are connecting to the external Public IP address of the service provider to port UDP 5060, but only one of the has a connection type MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE

    SIProxyd is on
    RTP min 10000
    RTP Max 20000

    My out bound NAT is automatic and the following are the states with 3 phones plugged in [ same with all phone is ]

    udp <-         MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE
    udp -> ->         MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE

    udp <-                 NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE
    udp ->                 SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC

    udp <-                 NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE
    udp ->                 SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC

    It seems that only one phone is sending back the correct singal wich is Multiple:multiple

    Is the Outbound Nating affecting this process ? I thought that is what the SIPProxd Server does no ?

  • Ok so I solved the issue,

    It seems that at least for this office configuration changing the Outbound NAT to Manual solves the issue ….
    Pfsense 1.2.2 will create the default automatic NAT and that will be a great starting point ...

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