PfSense hardware to best compile and run application software or firewall

  • Guys i have a few questions on which hardware would be best to run PfSense on as in a router or switch as a separate dedicated piece of hardware rather than on a VM on the actual operating system i have seen in may cases that people have used a normal PC such as a Dell optiplex with 4GB ram but i would guess that it would maybe not be enough not that i have ever had the experience of physically ever seeing it and implemented as a piece of software but i have had a look on eBay and have a seen a few pieces of hardware such as the one i have includedⓂmczdNFKUIYA0bxPwtkKxxuw and if anyone would have the time to be able to look it would be greatly appreciated but i would like a separate piece of hardware to run the pfSense firewall along with the separate process of perhaps an IDS or HIDS from tripwire as they would have the best from what i can gather of online cloud protection which costs and any other i would not have the experience or software knowledge of running the likes of Suratica or Snort and i think there would be to many scripts and programming in such a manner and i would not have that knowledge as of yet but if anyone that has took the time to read the post i would like to thank you and hopefully i should see a response but i shall continue to learn about the progress of the Firewall and learn how it compiles and runs.

  • Holy run-on sentences, Batman!

    That unit will work fine for you. Search the forums and you will find lots of posts about the HP T620.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you are looking to have a go at compiling pfSense, or anything, you would not likely be using the same hardware.
    pfSense requires relatively low powered hardware to run but you probably want something much more powerful to compile on unless you don't mind waiting.
    Also pfSense itself does not contain any compile tools so compiling and running on the same hardware would require some sort of dual boot setup with FreeBSD.


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