Multiple load-balanced VPN clients with same gateway IP

  • Hello,

    I am not able to find my answer regarding my multi VPN setup (VPN clients) over the internet. This is not about multi-WAN. This is about using multiple OpenVPN Clients load-balanced with a gateway group (same VPN provider, some of the gateways having the same gateway IP).

    What's working:
    I have set up four VPN load-balanced clients as described further.
    It's all working fine. I am able to connect to the internet, all gateways are showing up as "online", no IP leaks and when I track IP using different websites all four IPs are showing up randomly on different IP tracing sites, all four gateways are showing activities in the "traffic graph" if I speed test from one of the LAN PC. so to me, it sounds like the setup is working.

    However, when I check in the Dashboard -> Gateways, pair those interfaces have the same "gateway IP" as follows,

    Gateway 1 => /

    Gateway 2 => /

    Gateway 3 => /

    Gateway 4 => /

    My question:
    I doubt since multiple gateway interfaces have the same gateway IP as shown above, Would that be a problem? with connection or anything else? Is it valid that the VPN clients gateways have the same IP?

    I have set up multiple (four) VPN clients on pfsenese with load balancing as follows,

    • Four VPN clients are connected to the VPN provider
    • Configured four Interface assignments for the VPN clients
    • One Gateway group to load balance the VPN Interface gateways (all gateways set to Tier 1, Trigger Level: Packet loss or High Latency)

    If you have any idea, can you please shed some light on it? Is this a valid setup?

    Thank you.