arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for

  • Since I've upgraded my cable modem to a new one, I get this message under system logs after I receive a public IPv4 address. The old modem shortly disconnects the WAN interface after it was syncing with ISP and received a IPv4 address and everything works fine without any error logs. The new modem doesn't disable the WAN interface and gets a new IP adress instant. Then the system log is flooded with this.

    I've searched everything on the net but there was no solution for me. How can I do a static ARP entry without DHCP? Because on WAN I don't have a DHCP server running. WAN is set to DHCP client mode. Anything new on this?


  • Netgate Administrator

    What is The modem management IP?

    Is it handing that IP to pfSense before it syncs with the provider?

    You can reject leases from that if so in the DHCP client setup.


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