Howto setup this XG-7100

  • Hi Forum
    I have this XG-7100 Where it'll have an internal switch function with 8NIC - and 2NIC as uplink + 2SFP+ porte.
    Since I have sfp+ on my Ubiquity Switch - I would like to move to use the fiber instead of the RJ45 NICS.

    As default this have ix2+ix3 as LAGG0 internal Uplink 2,5Gb and then adding the VLANS to LAGG0
    Is it meant then adding LAGG1 as ix0 - and then use LAGG1 as the Parent interface.
    And then change all settings where LAGG0 is the parent ( I have 6 Subnets)

    And then it should be working - I'm asking before starting this network change since this is a hudge change and reprogramming of switches etc - but would like to use 1 fiber instead of 6RJ45 cables to the Switch-

    Is this correctly understood - or can I just add the ix0 to the LAGG0 ( wrong in my headf)

    Thanks in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    You cannot add the SFP ports to the existing lagg and you need the lagg to the switch anyway.

    So, yes, I would create a new lagg (lagg1) with ix0 and ix1 in it and connect that to the Ubiquity Switch. You can then use LACP on that lagg which would be a far better choice there than loadbalance.


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