PRIQ wizard improvement suggestion

  • I'm not having any issues, but I did want to reference the old thread below since it's still relevant in 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3. It seems like it might be something that could be improved on in the Traffic shaping wizard.
    Re: Wizard sets default qLink Lower than qOthersLow

    I read all the official documentation on Traffic shaping, which was very well documented (thanks for that). I setup a basic PRIQ with my only real concern being VOIP traffic so I checked that box and left just about everything else blank. I did also make RDP and VNC a higher priory during those steps. It seems to be working fine, but on my LAN and OPT1, the default qLink is set to priority 2 while qOthersLow is set to 3 by the wizard. This made no sense to me since my WAN and 4G LTE interfaces both had this the other way around. I manually changed the LAN and OPT1 so qLink is set to priority 3 and qOthersLow is set to 2. Am I wrong in doing so? If not, can this be improved on in the wizard so those are reversed by default?


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