NAT in vmware not working.. access to mgmt works

  • I am trying to access a web application behind firewall that is setup in vmware workstation and NAT is not working.
    Is there any thing wrong with this config. why NAT is not working and i don't see port 5600 open in scan.

    Vmware info
    WAN > NAT(vmware) > PFsense IP (
    LAN > HOST(vmware) > Pfsense IP (
    CENTOS > HOST (vmware) > IP

    WAN> TCP/UDP > Source addr/Port (Any/Any) > Dest Addr/port (WAN Address/5600) >TArget IP/port ( > automatic rule creation

    Extra Firewall Rule for Web mgmt from outside WAN,, this however works
    TCP/443 > Source addr/Port (Any/Any) > Destination (Wan Address)

    pcap, traffic hitting external WAN IP of pfsense
    20:57:41.263643 IP > tcp 0
    20:57:41.515128 IP > tcp 0
    20:57:42.264873 IP > tcp 0
    20:57:42.514419 IP > tcp 0

    nmap scan shows only 1 port on WAN

    443/tcp open ssl/http nginx

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