Beginner Home LAN Setup

  • Good Evening All,
    Apologies if this has been asked but I do assure you I have read the forum previously for answers. In addition to this I've learnt as much as I can at this stage and have set up a virtual machine to assist me as well as completing courses on udemy. I'm currently learning and completing TAFE and as part of it want to expand my knowledge with PFSense. That and I quite enjoy it.
    Ideally I would like advice on what Netgate product would suit me the best. At this stage I was looking at the SG-3100.
    A bit about my environment. I have NBN FTTP, connected to my Asus 68U running Merlin.
    Ideally, I want to still keep my Asus to have wireless capability. I would like multiple networks such as a DMZ for my cameras/robot vaccuum, guest network, my phone and other wireless devices connected on another network configured with a VPN and one just for IOT eg tv running netflix with the vpn off.
    I have completed a networking course with Cisco but not in this environment but I do have understanding if I can get pointed in the right direction.
    Thanks for reading and looking forward to the learning experience ahead.

  • The SG-3100 may be overkill, but what I would be concerned about is the Marvell switch integrated into it. It took me some time to get used to the one in the SG-1100, and if you are starting out then you may want to eliminate the confusion. On the flip side, buying the hardware gives you the built in support for a year, but paying for separate support is $399/year, so that's an option if you want to roll your own hardware.

    I did go the roll your own route with the Protectli hardware, which would run the Community edition and wouldn't come with pro support unless you get the subscription.

    A couple of other options is to run pfSense in a VM as your primary router, but I wouldn't do that unless you had a L3 managed switch and a really good understanding of routing and VLANs.

    One thing I always fall back to when playing and testing is GNS3 to create an isolated lab network to play with. I have the pfSense software virtualized in here and have a complete mock-up of my two home networks and the site-to-site VPN between them. It's by far the safest way to play and test stuff without upsetting the family, so that's always an option.

  • Hi jlw,

    Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it! I'll look into the Protectli hardware. Also GNS3 sounds awesome and that will by far help me save money and when I've figured it out and ready to deploy know that it's going to work!

    Thanks again.

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