Possible bug with BIND config generate in 2.4.5 (bind package: 9.14_3)

  • I have just upgraded pfsense to version 2.4.5. After that action bind stopped working (cannot start) ending with errors:

    • rpz is not master or slave zone
    • loading configuration: not found

    After analysis I found that invalid /cf/named/etc/namedb/named.conf file was generated.

    In section OPTIONS, response-policy configuration is missing ".in-addr.arpa" suffix for reverse zone. In a view reverse zone has correct format (also with suffix).

    That cause miscofiguration.

    Generated invalid config file example:

    options {
    	response-policy {
    		zone "0.168.192";
    view "local view" { 
    	recursion yes;
    	zone "0.168.192.in-addr.arpa" {
    		type master;
    		file "/etc/namedb/master/local view/0.168.192.DB";
    		allow-query { localhost; localnets; };
    		allow-update { localhost; localnets; };
    	zone "." {
    		type hint;
    		file "/etc/namedb/named.root";

    Manual edit of file /cf/named/etc/namedb/named.conf and adding suffix fix the issue.

    Can you clarify, please?

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    i have bind on a dedicated server not inside pfsense but
    for me, response policy is defined inside view also i don't have a reverse for rpz, noob question but why a reverse?

    RPZ is essentially a filtering mechanism, either preventing people from visiting internet domains, or pointing them to other locations by manipulating the DNS answers in different ways

  • My bind service also failed to start after upgrading to 2.4.5, with this same exact error. After deleting my RPZ zone, it started up fine. I believe it is likely a bug, as you said.

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